New Balance Fuelcell TC Neo Flame

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The New Balance Fuelcell TC is light weight, very cushioned and very fast.

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The New Balance Fuelcell TC is the much anticipated carbon plate reinforced running shoe from New Balance. The Fuelcell TC is one of the most versatile of all the carbon plated shoes and will suit everything from 5k hit outs to Marathon training and Marathon race day.  The fit of the New Balance Fuelcell TC is awesome, well connected to the rear-foot but not too squeezy around the fore-foot. The sueded collar and lace islets provide a super soft, premium feel against the foot.

The stack height is 30mm – 20mm, providing a 10mm drop.  This might sound a bit old-school but the way it feels when running is balanced and well thought out.  The heel cushioning is very soft which prevents the Fuelcell TC from feeling ‘high-heeled’. The forefoot rocket design is well designed and the overall experience is that this shoe wants you to go fast, rocking your foot forwards and sending you on your way with a little extra spring.


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Midsole Height

30mm / 20mm (10mm Drop)