Goodr Running Sunglasses

Goodr Running Sunglasses

Goodr Running Sunglasses were designed to destroy the boundary between working out and having fun, between the utilitarian and the fashionable. Certain brands may inspire people who want to compete, but Goodr want to inspire people who want to love life. They love running, love telling stories, and love looking good! They are here to create fun, stylish, unique digital content and products.

Running is fun and the gear should be too.  Have you ever been around a group of normal runners?  Pay attention…the majority of them are not wearing lame performance sunglasses…they’re wearing fun, bright, and affordable. They have created a brand for the tribe of active people out there who are sick of lame, expensive gear and long for stylish, affordable gear.

If you answer YES! to any of the following, we want you to be part of goodr:

Do you love running?

Do you love people?

Do you love telling stories?

Do you love hearing stories?

Do you love dogs?

Do you love beer?

Do you love having runner swag?

The Goodr brand is built on these four pillars:

Work hard, play hard.

Don’t take life too seriously.

Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

Have fun!

The Goodr mission is to ignite and unite the spirits of active people. When you look good, you play gooder.

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Goodr Running Sunglasses

Goodr Running Sunglasses

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