ON Running shoes

ON Running shoes

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On Running shoes are Swiss Engineered and began in 2010.  The On Running concept is to re-engineering the sole design of a running shoe to provide a cushioned impact and a firm take-off.  CloudTec Cushioning is designed to do exactly that.  As your foot strikes the ground the Clouds compress, absorbing vertical and horizontal forces.  Once compressed the Clouds become locked and provide a solid platform for toe-off propulsion.

On Running shoes

Swiss Engineering has influenced every aspect of On Running shoes.  First fit impressions are extremely good with On Running shoes.  The upper design are very clean and close fitting to the foot.  Snug and supportive but flexible and forgiving around mobile areas of the foot.

Another feature of On Running shoes is the way they allow the foot to flex torsionally and underneath the balls of the feet. This is made possible with the use of the CloudTec Cushions and the propulsion plate that runs from heel to toe in On Running shoes.

Core Belief’s at On Running are about your form as a runner, with a high emphasis on the running experience and the comfort of the shoe.  The silky smooth connection you get in On Running shoes provides improved proprioception and allows you to control your foot strike and transition fluently into propulsion.  Not to be thought of as minimalist running shoes but definitely not motion controlling.

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