Salomon SONIC RA – Road Running shoes

Salomon SONIC RA – Road Running shoes

The NEW Salomon road running shoe range, the SONIC RA PRO, SONIC RA and SONIC RA MAX share only a naming similarity with the previous seasons range, everything else is new and fresh off the innovation table.

Salomon SONIC RA name stands for the ‘Running Avenue’ which Salomon created to simplify the shoe selection process and fit the runner with the shoe that will work best with their body.  There are three models that make up the SONIC RA collection.

1) SONIC RA PRO – for lighter, faster, body activated runners. Next is the
2) SONIC RA – designed for regular runs, high mileage with a comfortable ride.
3) SONIC RA MAX – for those who prefer a more stable running shoe and require more protection while running.

Salomon SONIC RA

A strong theme through the Salomon SONIC RA range is their focus on forward transitioning, allowing the runner to transition from heel contact to toe-off with the least energy cost possible.  Salomon called this concept Geometric Decoupling and execute it differently with in each shoe on the Running Avenue to provide the optimal performance for each shoes target runner.

Every shoe in the Running Avenue comes with Salomon’s innovative Vibe technology, a combination of materials and structure specifically targeting the impact vibrations that contribute to fatigue on the body. It’s the first technology designed to specifically address vibrations, and uses a combination of lightweight, cushioned materials in the midsole that reduce shock and return energy with a unique midsole assembly to help diminish vibrations more efficiently.

Let’s take a look at each model in more detail.

• Salomon SONIC RA PRO


For the runner looking to increase his/her speed, the Sonic RA Pro combines a highly responsive, dynamic ride with just enough protection for hard surfaces, in a lightweight package built for speed. The Pro version features a Geometric Decoupling axis that is oriented more medially to create a larger lateral platform to deliver a fast and efficient forward transition. The unique Vibe Technology midsole construction uses EnergyCell+ and Opal to attenuate fatigue-causing vibrations for a cushioned yet responsive ride.

Weight: 200g (women’s), 235g (Men’s)
Stack Height: 24mm / 18mm (6mm drop)

• Salomon SONIC RA

Salomon SONIC RA

A “go-to” reliable trainer, the Sonic RA delivers a comfortable, responsive and dynamic ride that will keep you going mile after mile. The unique Vibe Technology midsole construction uses Energy Cell+ and Opal to attenuate fatigue-causing vibrations for a cushioned yet responsive ride. The Sonic’s Geometric Decoupling axis is centered to deliver a balanced, effortless forward transition from contact to propulsion.

Weight: 210g (women’s), 245g (Men’s)
Stack Height: 28mm / 20mm (8mm drop)

• Salomon SONIC RA MAX


For runners who need a little more assistance from their daily training shoe, the new Sonic RA Max offers a comfortable, dynamic ride for the confidence you need to help you put in the miles. In the Max model, the Geometric Decoupling axis is oriented more laterally to create a larger medial platform and assure a stable forward transition from heel to toe. The road-specific Sensifit upper conforms to the contours of your foot and gently secures it for stability and reassurance.

Weight: 235g (Women’s), 265g (Men’s)
Stack Height: 30mm / 20mm (10mm drop)

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