Tony’s Salomon Sonic RA Max review

Tony’s Salomon Sonic RA Max review

The Salomon Sonic Ra Max is a mild stability shoe without any posting on the medial side. Salomon claim that it works differently than other more traditional support shoes and it does.

On my first run of an hour+ it seemed a little different on my feet as I ran and after my run I realised that a transition period was needed. This was consistent with other runners reviews online. Glad I was patient with them because on my second run all that Salomon promised started to happen.

  • Great cushioning
  • Dynamic support
  • Natural feel with a structured fit. Is that possible? Yes with these shoes it is.
  • Secure no heel slippage and I laced them up the way they came.

The Salomon Sonic RA Max is a road shoe good for fast paced runs yet useful for slower runs. For me they needed a transition period as I am use to a medial posting in my shoes. I will rotate them with my NB 860 v8’s . If you are considering getting away from a conventional support shoe  these are worthy of a try. I tried them on light trails . Ran a PB for my Saturday Park Run but the grip was not there so I think it is a road shoe only.

On the road it performed really well on a wet slippery surface (Melbourne winter weather).
As I got tired I found that if I relaxed and stopped monitoring my foot placement the shoe performed at it’s best. Like a Hoka it does the work for you. So as I get use to the shoe or the shoe gets use to me I will with confidence use them on my long weekly run.

I love these shoes and I thank the people at Footpro for recommending them.

Salomon Sonic RA Max

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