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      Hoka road running, trail running and hiking shoes.

      Hoka One One running shoes were the biggest game-changer in running shoe design in recent times. Their range is focused on providing the maximum amount of cushioning possible in a running shoe, with the lightest materials and an emphasis on stability. Hoka One One have dedicated equally as many shoe models to road running and trail running. More recently, Hoka One One have been front runners in the evolution of the Carbon Plate reinforced running shoes that are allowing distance runners to push their limits to new levels in endurance running events like Marathons and Ultra Marathons.

      Cushioned Midsole

      Over the years, we’ve become synonymous with premium cushioning — and for good reason. We are constantly searching for lighter, more responsive and durable cushion that protects without compromising performance. This has allowed us to add faster, lighter shoes to our range.


      Meta-Rocker, or wheels for your feet, is all about the geometry. We combine a low heel-toe drop, our unique-shaped midsoles and signature HOKA cushioning to complement a runner’s normal gait cycle and drive you forward.

      Active Footframe

      The Active Foot Frame beds the heel and foot deeply into the midsole, as opposed to sitting on top. This means that every HOKA shoe offers guidance without the need for posts or other constricting elements. The Active Foot Frame functions like a bucket seat in a racecar by cradling and supporting your foot.

      Hoka One One Trail Running shoes

      The Hoka One One Trail Running shoe range has a model to suit all trail runners. Hoka Trail Running shoes also work extremely well and a light Hiking shoe. They can also be useful for all-seasons parkland walkers.

      Hoka One One Road Running shoes

      Hoka One One Road Running shoes are very effective at cushioning the impact of road running. They also provide comfort to walkers needing a cushioned shoe to help alleviate foot pain.

      Hoka One One Running

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