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      Runners Fit

      At Footpro, our treadmill video gait analysis enables our technicians to build a dynamic picture of how your foot performs while you run and walk. This provides us with the necessary information to build your custom insole and identify the right footwear for your needs. During the analysis process, we also gather information about your running biomechanics.

      The analysis will highlight foot type characteristics that provide our technicians the crucial information they require to select the correct footwear. Combining the analysis process and a Footpro Custom Insole can reduce the chance of running injuries. Footpro works in partnership with sport trainers, physiotherapists and other medical professionals to provide you with the best possible chance of reaching your goals with comfort and confidence.

      Video Treadmill Gait Analysis

      We start off with Treadmill video analysis, capturing how your lower limbs work barefoot and shod. From the rear view, we show you a frame by frame breakdown of the movement patterns of your foot, ankle, knee and hip. We then carefully select shoes based off your gait style, foot strike, correction and activity needs.

      Our ‘shoe only’ customers are also assessed through our Treadmill Video Gait Analysis service with the focus being just at the foot and ankle, and what shoe will work best for that foot type.

      * Treadmill video analysis is FREE

      Footpro custom running insoles are constructed to be full length, semi-rigid and moulded directly to the contours of your feet ‘while you wait’. They are designed to cushion impact, support and guide your foot motion whilst distributing pressure evenly.

      Custom Insoles for different foot types.

      State-of-the-art, super lightweight heat-mouldable materials are utilised to create an incredibly accurate mould of your feet. Strategically placed control, shock absorbing and propulsive materials provide support, protection and performance. The materials we use give the ability to customize and modify each insole to the specific requirements of ‘each foot’.

      Footpro custom running insoles can also be made to accommodate all foot types.

      • Over-pronated feet that require increased support.
      • Neutral feet will appreciate improved comfort and performance.
      • Supinated foot types can be assisted with improved cushioning and proprioception.

      The foot moulding technique

      The Windlass Mechanism is utilised in the moulding process to attain the optimum weight bearing position of the foot. It is the body’s natural alignment mechanism and is able to support huge loads.

      Here we use the toes in a flexed upwards position and knees flexed forward, which allows the body weight to lie in the best position over each foot, this in turn helps the forces from the ground to pass more evenly through each segment of the body during movement without placing excessive loads on any one particular joint. The Windlass Mechanism is active throughout each and every foot strike while running and walking. Footpro custom insoles assist and improve with this very important feature of our biomechanics.

      The right shoe plus your custom insole will together provide the ultimate fit, allowing your muscles and joints to move with less stress and tension, increasing overall comfort and performance.

      It is important that the appropriate steps are taken to ensure a smooth transition to your new insoles. Just like each foot, we’re all unique in the time that we adapt to the changes being made to our bodies, we recommend using your new insoles for short periods for the first few days, slowly building up the amount of time and activity intensity to make sure we avoid any unnecessary aches or pains. In some cases, the insoles may need adjustments to further enhance the desired effect, our Comfort Guarantee covers you for all adjustments relating to the initial fitting of the insoles.

      100% Comfort Guaranteed

      *Cost of Custom Insole: $200.00 – $240 depending on the additional materials used. SAVE 10% off the Custom Insole price if they are fitted at the same time as purchasing new shoes.

      Footpro has collaborated a footwear range based on the highest of testing standards. Every shoe we stock has been selected based on fit, function and performance to ensure that we are able to provide each of our clients with the best possible footwear solution available.

      After we have observed your specific gait analysis patterns we are able to determine the most suitable shoe based on your activity requirements. Our technician has the ability to modify aspects of the shoe and by incorporating a custom insole we can guarantee your comfort in your shoes.

      We cover all different foot shapes and foot motions, from narrow heels to wide forefoot, heavily pronated to extremely high arch feet – whatever is your distance, foot shape, foot function, foot strike or running technique, we will have a shoe to match your feet.

      Road Running Shoes – Fit and function are the key to a successful road running shoe fitting. Getting the right amount of support from a running shoe is critical for injury prevention, however road runners also need sufficient cushioning to reduce the impact of running on bitumen.

      Trail Running Shoes – Increased traction, durability and a secure grip of the foot are the aim with trail shoe fitting. Support and cushioning are factored in but the varied surfaces of trail running require more flexibility from your footwear to improve proprioception and avoid over-correction and ankle sprains.

      Crossfit and Cross-training shoes – Footwear for these activities can be less cushioned and very minimal. Flatter heel to toe drop shoes can improve posture for lifting weights and other propulsive movements. Minimal shoe designs can help promote better balance and additional lower-limb muscle activation.

      Saucony Triumph ISO3 road running shoe

      Saucony Triumph ISO3 road running shoe

      Salomon Speedcross 4 women’s trail running shoe

      Inov8 F-Lite 235 V2 cross training shoe

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