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      Ski Boot Fitting

      One of the biggest steps anyone can take to improving their skiing is to get a pair of ski boots that fit them perfectly. That is why Footpro ski boot technicians spend so much time working out exactly which boot is suitable for you. At Footpro our professional ski boot fitters will fit you with the best ski boots available by discussing with you:

      • Past skiing experience and future skiing goals
      • previous ski boot fitting problems
      • and past or present injuries

      At the Footpro ski boot lab Melbourne we utilise the latest modern technology such as foot pressure mapping and video analysis. This technology gives us a view of the foot, lower leg, muscles and joints that are impossible to assess using the naked eye.

      Foot pressure – Postural and stance analysis: examination of foot shape, basic biomechanics plus state of the art pressure mapping of your feet to indentify support issues.

      Your ski boot technician will examine your bio-mechanical make-up, plus discuss other sports activities you pursue and previous injuries affecting your personal make-up and movement.

      Utilising state of the art computer mapping of pressure from under your feet snap shots will be taken in various positions to provide insights into your weight distribution and areas needing support under your foot. During this step, postural alignment will also be reviewed. The anatomical structure of your feet will also be examined to best select the right boots for your personal shape.

      This process focuses on the shape of heel width, ankle width and volume, forefoot width, instep/arch height, calf size plus general mobility and flexibility through the foot, ankle and calf. Movements under flexion will be examined to determine whether you pronate, supinate or remain neutral.

      At Footpro we have two Insole options: 1) 100% Custom Moulded Ski Insoles & 2) Pre-moulded Off-the-shelf Insoles.

      1) Footpro 100% Custom Moulded Ski Insoles:

      Footpro custom ski insole uses skiing specific materials and shapes to ensure the foot is correctly supported.

      Full Length Chassis – supports your foot’s arch, providing a rock solid foundation for your foot.

      Full Stabiliser – reinforces the chassis, extending support to your heel and medial lateral arch area.

      Secondary Stabiliser layer energy rebound and shock absorption – additional reinforcement for the exceptional loads experienced while skiing and to return energy.

      The benefits of Footpro custom insoles:

      1. Custom moulded skiing insoles are the first step in tailoring your ski boots to your feet. Off the shelf ski boots are made to fit an average-sized, average-shaped foot. A custom moulded skiing insole tailors the fit to your foot shape.
      1. Custom insoles create a stable foundation for your feet and body.

      A foot with poor support is like a building with poor foundations. The foot collapses and does not sit correctly in the ski boot, resulting in pressure points as well as alignment issues when skiing.

      1. Custom insoles improve balance and energy transmission by increasing the contact between your foot and your ski boot.

      Good balance is critical to skiing. Custom insoles increase contact with the foot and improve Proprioception – the feedback mechanism from nerve endings in your feet to your brain and back to the muscles. Custom skiing insoles assist with circulation and improve shock absorption within the ski boot.

      * Custom Ski Insoles cost $250


      2) Pre-moulded off-the-shelf Insoles:

      Footpro Pre-Moulded Ski Insole’s are available in 3 different arch heights, Low – Medium – High.

      Off-the-shelf Insoles provide arch support and improve foot / ankle alignment. Not as effective as a Custom Moulded Insole but considerably better than not having an insole at all.

      * Pre-moulded off-the-shelf Insoles – $79.95

      Footpro Custom moulded skiing insole

      Our range selection and buying process is an exhaustive one, taking many months of painstaking testing to assess ski boots for shape, features, design configuration, flex and range suitability. Our aim is to ensure we have boots that cover all ability levels and fit requirements from high arched feet to narrow low volume feet. We carry various PU foam liner options for people with difficult, narrow feet or those seeking the ultimate in precision and control.

      A choice of several boots will be determined relative to foot shape, skiing performance level, future skiing goals and personal body type. Some time will be spent discussing the benefits and examining the fit feeling each boot provides.

      Our range is comprehensive and combines a wide range of choices for all skiers. Alpine Race , Freestyle, All-mountain and Back-country ski boots are all part of our range.

      Ski boot customisation

      Since every foot is unique in shape, volume and flexibility we stretch the ski boot shells of about 80% of boots fitted. This ensures an excellent match of shell profile to the shape of your foot. These subtle adjustments are crucial to ensure a great fit while skiing as the foot is very sensitive and millimeter adjustments can mean the difference between comfort and pain. Our boot press applies huge loads from inside and outside the boot to create a much more effective and permanent stretch than conventional stretchers. It is the extra step we take to ensure your skiing comfort.

      Custom Foam Injected Liners

      Alternatively liner materials maybe adapted or bespoke foam liners utilised for a precision fit. Adjustments to liners can be made with addition or removal of materials to achieve maximum comfort and performance fitting.

      Ski Boot Alignment

      With the correct boot and insole we can now align the cuff (canting) to allow correct pressure distribution.

      Ever wondered why your skis don’t run flat and true? Canting is often the key to solving this problem. Using our pressure mapping platform and canting evaluators we can assess whether you are predominately positive outside or inside edge. Our technology platform makes this normally very difficult process speedy and exceptionally accurate. From there we can make adjustments to the cuff of the boots to align lower leg with the ski boot.

      Bearing in mind a majority of ‘alignment’ problems stem from over-tight muscles and muscle imbalance; this affects where your balance is under your feet and can account for faster than normal muscle fatigue and over-exertion to produce the required turn. Dominant muscles have a habit of pulling the joints and especially the hips and knees out of ideal alignment. The importance of having balanced muscle groups can not be stressed enough. A combination of strengthening and stretching will be given to help with tight or weak muscle groups. High heels and office jobs are too often the major offenders

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