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      Vincent - January 2022

      I stumbled across this store while walking and I think going in was the best decision I ever made.

      Footpro have been nothing but professional and helpful. They managed to give me multiple solutions to my problem within my price range, and my feet have been thanking me ever since.

      If you're on the fence about using Footpro and their many services, I'd say go ahead and take the first step!


      Ingrid - November 2021

      My husband, being a novice when it comes to online shopping and different sizing options, selected the wrong size Altra Superiors. Lockdown made it impossible to get to the store to exchange for the correct size, but Leigh and Jordan came up with a generous and easy solution and my husband now has the correct size shoes. Excellent service, can't thank the guys enough. Definitely recommend footpro, I'll purchase from them again for sure.


      Carl - December 2021

      Very knowledgeable staff. I had three requirements 1.need road shoes, 2. it has to be hoka and 3. recovering from planter facitis so needed cushioning and a bit of support. 10 minutes later I purchased Hoka Arahi 5's.


      Peter - November 2021

      I haven't bought shoes online before and was a bit hesitant but the process with Footpro was smooth and seamless. I unfortunately had a fault with my shoes after a short time but Simon was very helpful in ensuring it was returned with no problems. He also helped to advise me on the right shoe for what I wanted and rang me to let me know when the shoes were on the way. Great service and I have no hesitation recommending Footpro to anyone.


      Leah - February 2020

      Just wanted to say thank you to Footpro - as someone who isn't deeply experienced in the training I knew I needed professionally fitted trail shoes for an event I signed up to. Footpro was so helpful and able to assist me in finding the perfect pair of trail shoes for my specific requirements. Do your body and feet a favour and go check out FootPro!


      Julian - March 2021

      Bought some shoes online from Footpro, shoes had a small defect (not Footpro’s fault) - they happily swapped them out for me no questions asked, no fuss. This was my first experience here, but it won’t be the last! Great service, thanks guys!


      Tam - February 2021

      I ordered a pair of runners online from Footpro - a few hours later Simon called to apologise that they didn't have that particular pair in stock but could offer another pair instead which was actually an updated version. I was very happy with that and then as Simon was in the area he hand delivered them! His customer service was outstanding and I will recommend Footpro to everyone I know.


      Vicki - January 2021

      Bought ski boots from here because of the free adjustment. Used them once but didn't get back for the adjustment for 3 years and it was no problem and still free! So much better now, not so tight. Great service!


      Buddah - December 2021

      Over the last 3 years Simon and the crew have been more than accommodating of me and my whinging, always giving that extra bit of service which keeps me coming back. I've purchase ski boots with insoles, cycling shoe insoles, and had them do bits and pieces to make my feet (and body) happier. As an athlete, it's a bonus to be able to relate to another athlete who walks the talk and really knows his s**t. Finally, their range of running shoes is quite unique in the market and will see you wearing a pair that will set you apart and work perfectly.


      Tom - July 2019

      Highly recommend for ski boots. Was really impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly service. Came in for a minor alteration and they still gave me their full attention. Cheers.



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