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      For 112 years, Mizuno has relentlessly pursued perfection to give you a head start in your journey to greatness. They are driven by a passion for sport and dedicated to bringing the highest level of equipment to everyone who shares our enthusiasm.

      Mizuno are devoted to creating excellent products through endless development, this is driven by our passion to help you craft your dreams into reality. Like the athletes we proudly support, we are always looking to improve on our best.

      Mizuno Wave Plate concept

      The Mizuno Wave plate concept is the key to the stable and responsive feel from Mizuno running shoes. The Wave Plate is an original midsole technology that provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs and blends those elements, creating unique sporting experience.

      Mizuno running experience

      Mizuno Running shoes are a trusted and reliable brand to so many runners. Known for their high mileage and top quality construction, they also work extremely well with Orthotics and after-market insoles.

      Mizuno Training

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