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      YMR Track Club

      YMR Track Club’s DNA is from track & field even if our performance wear is worn by everyone that loves sports. In track & field every hundred of a second or centimeter counts and can be the difference between success and failure. This mindset affects the design of YMR Track Club as they create solutions for functionality and fabrics that simplifies movement patterns in for example running. Getting that light feeling is always they focus on.


      We want to run today, and tomorrow.

      The YMR Track Club ambition is to do things differently, because they want to run today and we want to run tomorrow. YMR Track Club offers sustainable performance wear inspired by classical sports moments. They have added technical innovation and functionality to create performance wear for athletes of today.

      Local production in their DNA.

      Their local production is the foundation in the YMR philosophy. By procuring locally, they reduce the carbon footprint. The fabrics are knitted and woven here in the Swedish Sjuhärad district and sewing is also made locally and in the Baltics. This means that the clothes are shipped no longer than 520 km from factory to the warehouse. Shorter transportation means less pollution.

      Their ambition is that most of the performance wear should be able to match each other. They carefully coordinate the collections in terms of colour, design and quality to create multipurpose garments that are built to last. By facilitating an extended product lifecycle, they help reduce unnecessary waste.

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